Head Hunter: Selección y reclutamiento de jecutivos en méxico

Coaching una aoportunidad para crecer an opportunity to grow!


It is an ONGOING SUPPORT program, based on COACHING PHILOSOPHY, which through this powerful process really allows you to accomplish self-consciousness and a self-development. In a simple way we have enhanced the executive talent as well as their collaborators’, driving the individual ACTION-based growth in order to ACHIEVE the companies’ results and global objectives.

The purpose of these strategies is for you to choose, whichever fits your needs better, or the one that allows you to reach your goals.

Coaching for specialized searching

If for any reason – market, corporative decisions, problems in your state or country - you have detached yourself from work, resigned or been fired, for whatever reason; DON’T PREOCCUPY YOURSELF, ¡OCCUPY YOURSELF! , don’t start sending resumes in a desperate way, without objective or strategy; don’t allow the CRISIS to overpower you, ¡CONTROL IT! we are there for you, and TOGETHER WE WILL FIND THE SOLUTION.

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Life Development and Coaching

If at work things are sluggish and desperate, if you give everything and receive nothing, and in addition, you dedicate more than 80% of your time to your work but you don’t grow enough, opportunities don’t come and developing promises are uncertain for you and your family; ¡WATCH OUT!, you need help, we will assist you in finding and figuring out WHY and HOW to change the ROUTE.

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Executive Coaching

If you find yourself in that stage of your life in which you consider yourself ready to step up in the organization and after trying and trying, for any reason your boss pays no attention to you, the company does not recognize your merits and you are about to lose your patience, call us, we will support you in finding the reason for your situation and most of all we will ease the way to the NEXT LEVEL that you so wish and deserve.

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Directive Coaching

Possibly, it’s been a long time since your trajectory and experience have consolidated and you wish to enter the field of CORPORATIVE POSITIONS, multicultural and multibusiness. It’s been 5 years since you have been ready to venture in new cultures, countries, or businesses but there is something that prevents you to achieve it. With us, through a comprehensive and precise personal, professional and executive evaluation model, we will help you accomplish that great step, especially if your intentions are to find professional growth outside your company.

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Business Coaching

If you are thinking of venturing on your own company and you have the knowledge, experience, and funding resources for the business you love, we will guide you to make your dreams come true.

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Retírenme Coaching

Also known as OUTPLACEMENT, this is a program that allows you to reencounter and redefine your professional life, as well as settling your future. If you are that type of professional that, after rending a whole life to your job, you find yourself at the end of your professional career and your mind is set on RETIREMENT AND, What am I going to do after day “0”?, if you are worried and the fear of inactivity overwhelms you, DON’T WORRY we are here to support you, from the very first day of YOUR NEW LIFE, in which you will discover everything starts from “0” and, absolutely everything, is an OPPORTUNITY , so we will help you ENJOY IT!

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New Graduated Coaching

If you have just graduated and have high expectations for your professional career, DON’T HESITATE TO CALL US, we are ready to support you in this WONDERFUL AND CHALLENGING initiation of your successful career. Besides offering our complete and professional support on your strategy, you will also find the necessary contacts for this your first opportunity, ¡EVEN BEFORE YOU IMAGINE!.

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